October 3, 2018

  • DM

    The party leaves the what they learned was basically a pantry of prisoners for the main dome.

    Immediately after entering they are attacked by 4 beholder guards using murder holes in the ceiling.

    Kargin dispatches 2 of them with his Magic Missile Chain Gun (Rod of Many Wands with 3x Magic Missile wands)

    One charms Gruzar while Dregnoth attempts to violate the fourth one.

    Onaga chased the 3rd one into a room that also had another guard. That guard fled while Onaga killed the one that charmed Gruzar.

    Immeral mauled the one trying to escape Dregnoth and Rorek finished it off.

    After Dregnoth collected the corpses, the party began opening the doors on the inner wall. The first three were empty, though the first was obviously in use by an acolyte.

    The fourth room was occupied by an acolyte. Dregnoth hit it with a Eldritch Spear and then Rorek performed a critically successful leaping charge and turned it into goo.

    The players were awarded 800XP each and found 1797 gp 5 sp 7 cp

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