November 14, 2018

  • DM

    The party decided to dimension door into a guard tower surprising 4 beholder guards. They handily destroy them and then float up through the floors to the 4th floor where they found runs marking an exit.

    They decide to ignore it and continue up to to the top of the tower. Reaching the 7th floor, they find no more passages up and have Ceasar Slaad bust through the wall.

    The party head southwest and then into the south tunnel heading to the inner ring.

    The inner ring is covered in antimagic. After the party wanders around a full circle, they have Ceasar Slaad break a hole from the southwest.

    The part tosses a continual light bullet in and it does light up. and fall for quite a distance before wining out as it seemed to go towards the middle.

    Onaga flies in and scouts the chamber finding the party seems to be near the top of the dome. He casts arcane sight and sees a column of nothignness in the center of the space. he brings in a continual light bullet and attempts to stick it into the column.

    He drops the continual light bullet in the anti-magic column it drops straight out of vision without ever lighting up.

    Climbing down over 300’ the wall begins to curve inward.

    Eventually the party climbs to the bottom. They do a little testing with a 10’ pole and eventually it is severed.

    Kargin notices that the sphere seems to be moving up and downthe center core of the space and send a message back to the Obelisk in V`Ral to let Sorvani know they found the Sphere of Annihilation.

    The obelisk takes the call and force connects the call to Sorvani while he is in the gods’ room under V`Ral.

    Downloading all the information over the telephathinc link, Sorvani and gods (Roland, Torm, Mystra, & Damien/Reorx) force transport and geas the “sane” Dregnoth to gain control of the Sphere and bring it back to V`ral.

    Game will resume with the party determining how to kill the mother beholder and escape before BehAyla finds the mother beholder. herself.

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