December 12, 2018

  • DM

    The party continued their exloration of the Temple sphere with the Dregnoth clone.

    Dregnoth tells them he has to go meet Behayla and get his gear back, and then deal with the mother beholder.

    The party goes back down to the first floor and Dregnoths wanders around the hallway looking for Behayla. Finding her, he gets his gear back and teaches her how to open the doors. Then heads back to the party after she goes up a guard tower.

    The party finds a door with a passage heading down and takes it to a new level with better rooms. Raiding these rooms the party finds a good amount of treasure, but few beholders. One door was trapped with a Prismatic Spray that everyone resisted except Immeral, who was sent to another plane.

    THey also find a number of large empty rooms glowing of magic but ignore them after they cannot easily figure out what they are.

    Evenutally the party opens one of the big rooms to fina a large party of beholders floating there. Kargin unloads two wands of maximized fireball into the room which triggers some mechanism and the room teleports all the beholders somewhere else.

    The party was awarded 2000 XP each.

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