February 9, 2018 - Cabin Con Game

  • DM

    The party played with the Beholder Generals and eventually killed all but two.

    At that point the two generals initialized some kind of sequence the caused the inner wall to take on the effect of the Sphere of Annihilation.

    The party left, heading for the portal to the mother beholder .

    Shit went stupid and the gods initiated a time bubble.

    Nasty Dregnoth happened.

    The party returned ot V’Ral with the Sphere.

    The were awarded 20,000 XP each.

  • DM

    The party looted and ran while Dregnoth was with the other beholder.

    The found:

    • Ancient Rod of Cancellation
    • First of the Destroyer (martial circlet)
      • +7 Divine bonus to Unarmed Attack/Damage
      • Cube Slot 1 (Low): 1 Charge Deflect Arrows (Per Feat) / 2 Charges Snatch Arrow (Per Feat)
      • Cube Slot 2 (Medium): 1 Charge: 1d6/melee level Divine Damage for a single attack (may use as many times in a round as charges available with a max one charge per attack)
      • Cube Slot 3 (High): 1 Charge Regeneration
    • 40 wands
    • 800,000 gems/coins (160,000 each)
    • a few small (10 per pile) piles of +1 to +3 armor/weapons/shields
    Roll Wand
    3 Magic Missile 5th
    4 Bear’s Endurance
    7 Bear’s Endurance
    9 Bull’s Strength
    10 Bull’s Strength
    13 Cat’s Grace
    15 Cat’s Grace
    18 Cure moderate Wounds
    19 Cure moderate Wounds
    19 Cure moderate Wounds
    19 Cure moderate Wounds
    23 Daylight
    32 False Life
    33 False Life
    34 Fox’s Cunning
    36 Fox’s Cunning
    36 Fox’s Cunning
    38 Ghoul Touch
    41 Invisibility
    42 Invisibility
    43 Knock
    43 Knock
    46 Melf’s Acid Arrow
    47 Melf’s Acid Arrow
    49 Mirror Image
    50 Owl’s Wisdom
    61 Magic Missile 7th
    68 Charm Person – Heightened 3rd
    69 Contagion
    77 Dispel Magic
    80 Fireball
    81 Fireball
    82 Keen Edge
    83 Keen Edge
    88 Major Image
    92 Suggestion
    93 Suggestion
    96 Summon Monster III
    97 Summon Monster III
    97 Summon Monster III

  • DM

    After a 6 month break to train and gear up the party is getting restless (aka Kargin needs more money to make gear). So they head over to the dwarven mountain on the island previously visited.

    Drinking at the bar, one of the mine managers tells them they been having a problem in chamber 546, but don’t know what as no one has returned.

    The party goes down and finds 2 Meriliths and 4 Hezrou. They kill some and force the rest ot flee. They are awarded 11,200 XP each.

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