March 20, 2019 - Exploratory Island

  • DM

    The morning after collecting and toasting glowing purple shrooms, Dregnoth recalls the need to find a location to plant an Obelisk seed.

    He heads to the mine offices and pulls out a disco ball of charm and gets all of the information the miners know about the layout of the mine. But it is clearly not very detailed.

    The V`Ral ambassador, takes Dregnoth to the dwarven king to discuss the Obelisk seed location.

    As much because it will help V`Ral as to get Dregnoth away from him. Eventually, Dregnoth determines the best location for the Obelisk seed and has Obelisk V transport the seed. He spends the rest of the day feeding it gems.

    Kargin goes and makes a deal with the Dwarven forge masters to create gear for them with his crafting hummonculi.

    The rest of the party spends the day recuperating from the previous night’s excesses.

    The next morning Kargin suddenly says I’ve received guidance from Damar on the whereabouts of the Axe of the Dwarvish Lords. I must spend some time refining the location well enough to teleport.

    While Kargin is otherwise occupied, the rest of the party head out to the Eastern dwarven port city to get drunk and discover rumors. They learn about an island, a day to the north, that they have failed to start a mining colony on multiple times.

    The party finds this interesting and heads off while Kargin prays and begins to scry.

    Eventually the party confronts a Balor that Rorek drives back to the planes.
    The party was awarded 1600 XP each.

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