April 3, 2019 Searching for the Axe

  • DM

    Kargin finished communing with Damien/Reorx, met with the party recently back from killing the Balor and declared “I found it” before passing out with even drinking a single beer.

    The next morning, the party teleported back to VRal and began scrying with the help of the Obelisk.

    After about 8 hours, Kargin finally broke away exultant, “I found it.”

    The party immediately teleported to the location Kargin scried. There, they found a
    set of ruined dwarven doors that, after a stone tell revealed they appear to have been blown off the south face of one of the mountains ahead.

    After searching and finding a large cave, Dragnoth declares a dragon laired there and the party entered.

    The party defeated a large group of Goblin Champions and were awarded 1600XP each.

  • PC

    Unfortunately i had to get up super early for work and had to drop early from the game that night. Out of morbid curiosity, the Goblin Champions what characteristics did they have…anything like multiple arms, latent psionic abilities, boost in hit points, any sort of super natural attacks?

  • PC

    they were thumping pretty hard when they hit, which was rare. had 150 hp apiece, if i remember correctly. rorek had to chase immeral away from his - knowing he’d never reach the ones on the far side of the battlefield before combat ended.

    get kargi to spin him up some quickling boots or somethin, huh ? don’t want dregs grafting him into a centaur-shape. can hear it now : “Cmon my lil’ pony - lets go fight some monsters !!”

    ** Zap laughs himself out of the room **

  • DM

    They were basically simple grunts to keep most normal things out of the lair.

  • PC

    Well Kargin could probably make Rorek some haste/speed boots, i think Rorek still has some cash left over, maybe next time when we make it back to V’Ral.

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