April 17, 2019 - Distracted by a Dragon

  • DM

    After defeating the Goblin Champions, the party continued into the large cavern coming to a large 80’ diameter vertical shaft (not a volcano!!).

    Immeral, Gruzar, and Ceasar waited on the ledge while Dregnoth and Onaga flew up and found that it curved as it went, eventually losing sight of the party. Kargin and Rorek flew down and Kargin spotted some runes glowing faintly on one side of the shaft, jsut opposite and above another tunnel leading off the shaft.

    Flying too close to the runes, many of them explodes in various spell effects.

    Undaunted, Kargin and Rorek continued to descend setting off even more, stronger effects.

    Quick notes to form into story: Frog dropped a frog, Dregs dispelled, dragon attacked, frog fastballed Immeral, rorek waited for Kargin to lock down the dragon before failing to kill it, immeral finished it off.

    An hour later, Dregs and Gruzar were halfway done removing the runes when suddenly the remaining runes all went off at once.

    The last to go was a MD.

    The party was awarded 2100XP each

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