October 2, 2019 - Necronaut

  • DM

    Party continued exploring the passages to the west side of the main hallway.
    Rorek opened one door into a room that had a ghost in it. He beat it into the true afterlife.
    The party collects 3k from that room and the next in object d’art for a total of 6k in stuff

    Moving up to the north of the western package the party entered a room that found a colossal bile of bones that Dregnoth proceeded to identify as a Necronaut.

    The party eventually defeated it when Kargin blasted it with 4,000 points of positive energy from a dual blast of wands.

    The party was awarded 3,000 XP each.

    After that the party continued to explore and moved down to the next level. In the first chamber that they found, there was a large alter.

    Kargin inspected it and determined that it was an altar to the Dwarven god Volad Treasurebeard. He made a tribute of a couple of casks of good dwarven beer, which promptly disappear. Dregnoth approaches and puts a mug of Jamos and Dwarf Jamos on the altar. They do not disappear, but when he takes them away, they mugs only contain water.

    After that, Kargin takes altar and all of the accoutrements to bring to the dwarven mountain in the island kingdom.

  • PC

    Things and stuff happened at that place, during that time of the day.

  • PC


    damn honkie tooted up all my demon powder, and i ain’t gonna stand for that !!

  • PC

    sweet jeebus !! how much sake did you make me drink last nite ? and who harfed on my floor ??
    damn drunks 😠

  • PC

    You were three sheets to the wind last night, for a while I just thought you were taking a piss… but you were drunk.

  • PC

    i think i was about 8 sheets to the wind… thats the most Sake i’ve ever downed in a sitting 😞 finally stopped praying for a bullet around 2pm… won’t be doing that again soon !!!

    no fool like an old fool, so they say 🙂 guess i need to relearn moderation again…

  • PC

    We aren’t in our 20’s no more, gotta take it easy on yourself.

  • PC

    yeah, but sometimes i forget i’m not Dregnoth ;p
    seems a little harder for ME to swap out my liver…

  • PC

    Yeah I can relate, when an alchemist is rolling around in your brain, traditional convention and the reality seem to take a different shape

  • PC


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