Dwarf Edition: 10e Monk

  • DM

    It is not free. His idea as written requires an attack and allows a save. I would also say it is not a touch attack, but a normal attack because of the precision needed. Also nerve pinching through armor…

    I do have an issue with long duration of something like this though. So let’s try this as a change based on the response…

    Mana Disruption
    Your unarmed strike becomes more precise.
    On a critical hit, with any unarmed strike, you hit the various Chakra points of mana in your opponent. You may opt to forego critical damage to instead disrupt the Chakra point causing the target to be unable to control the mana within themselves for 1 round.
    The target will not be able to cast a spell with spell points. Fighters will not be able to manifest their Energy Spirit.

    If this works, we can work on how to grow it.

  • @daermadm I like that. Does that mean every crit can cause this effect in a string of attacks? If so, do they stack?

  • PC

    @daermadm More utility but Mastery of the Body concept reminds me of a psionic power from back in the day called Heightened Senses, a monk has the discipline to hone and sharpen all five of their senses: sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell.

    First, the Monk has a good chance to notice rogues and assassins who are hiding or moving silently. The rogue’s or assassin’s skill chance is halved when someone with heightened senses is observing him. Even if the rogue or assassin is already hidden, he must roll again when a character with heightened senses enters the picture.

    Second, the Monk can track someone like a bloodhound. He must make an Intelligence check every turn to stay on the trail or recover the trail if it is lost. His movement rate when tracking is halved. The trail can be no more that XX hours old.

    Third, the Monk’s ranges for hearing and seeing are tripled. He can, for example, identify a person (in daylight) at a range of 400 yards.

    Fourth, the Monk can taste poisons or other impurities in quantities which are much too small to cause any harm.

    Fifth, the Monk can identify almost anything by touch. He can, for example, tell two gold pieces from each other after having previously handled just one of them. He can also tell if something has been handled in the last five minutes simply by handling it himself.

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    @daermadm said in Dwarf Edition: 10e Monk:

    Increase unarmed attack damage by 1

    Fists of Power
    Your unarmed attacks are considered magical for purposes of overcoming damage reduction. The effective plus is dete

    Project Punch

    Project Punch allows the Monk to focus on a force punch against a target upto 200 yards away. When used offensively, the punch causes XX damage. If powerful enough this force punch can be used to trigger traps, throw levers, open doors, break windows, etc…

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    A form of the Class ability like the feat Monkey Grip feels like it belongs with this class, maybe not exactly as such…something similar.

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    If the Monk is about not getting hit, but engaging in combat you can increase his speed, and allow him to weave in and out of combat without being subject to attacks of opportunity. With obscene mobility he runs in, punch, punch, kick, and runs away.

    The other methods you can use are things like -

    Shadow Step, Misty Step, Dimension Slide, or Dimension Jumper, Greater

    Riposte on a miss, gives him a move action to step away from the other blows.

    Parry (off-hand), opportunity to substitute his off hand attacks to block incoming blows.

    Shield block, that really depends on if a Monk uses a shield (not sure this really fits)

    Another method is displacement, the Monks learns to distort and warp light waves. with their body, giving them a XX% chance of avoiding a incoming blow.

    Or you could go the other way with it and the Monk could sunder the weapon or shield breaking the item, or disarming them.

  • PC

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  • @halfgiant said in Dwarf Edition: 10e Monk:

    If the Monk is about not getting hit, but engaging in combat you can increase his speed, and allow him to weave in and out of combat without being subject to attacks of opportunity. With obscene mobility he runs in, punch, punch, kick, and runs away.

    I like that idea. Not necessarily make him able to take more damage, but way harder to hit

  • Something else that @DarkWulf and I have been contemplating is making him more of a debuff fanatic than necessarily a damage dealer. Whether it be class skills or magic items, something that will allow him to hit things and cause loss of stat points, DoT, whatever. Let’s face it, I’ll never be able to hit for as much damage as Rorek or Kargin, but if I could do damage in other ways, it could be useful - especially if I’m super nimble and can dart around to the different combat areas.

  • PC

    Like applying debuffs whenever he scores a critical hit such as:
    -4 to strength for 1/2 turns,
    -2/4 to attack rolls, saving throws and such for 1 or 2 turns,
    poison effect (say he uses chi to damage a targets blood,
    Slowing a target (can only make 1 Move or 1 Standard action each turn till debuff ends)

    For use against spellcasters:
    Say he can debuff them so that istead of outright stopping their spell casting
    they instead are forced to make a concentration check everytime they cast a spell for the
    duration of the debuff due to their “Mana being in a chaotic flux from his attack.”

    Given he can make like 8 attacks each turn (9 if he is hasted) he could potentally tack on numerous
    debuffs, so long as he can score the crit’s to trigger them.

    Making it so he has to score crit’s to apply the debuffs keeps him from being OP, cause realistically who is going to score 8 crit’s in 1 attack phase, much less over and over again. So his 8 attacks means each attack phase he is likely to cause 1 debuff, maybe 2 that only last between 1-3 rounds (duration can be discussed).

    This was the basis on which the items for Immeral that I brought up in the other post was for…