November 16, 2019 - The Axe of the Dwarvish Lords

  • DM

    Dregnoth nearly exploded all the things.

    More to come.

  • PC

    (( and became the King of All Dwarves ))

  • PC

    Kargin will likely be consumed with the following tasks upon returning to the city.

    1. Axe of the Dwarvish Lords - Ancient Ritual of breakdown, and rebuild - Sorvani Bribe for Fate Point backup, this may get really expensive.
    2. Constructing his MultiAnchored Demiplane (finally getting around to that) - ~340k
    3. Reconstructing the Elemental Forge (tied to the Elemental Plane of Fire) and Manacite refiner in his newly built Demiplane - Unknown
    4. Purchase a compiled prebuilt Mana Welder from the Obelisk - 300k
    5. Upgrade his Humonculus Army - ~170k
    6. Build a Manacite Humonculus (walking intelligent minor mythallar) with 25k year old manacite found in the mines of the Fallen Dwarven Kingdom [Unknown$$]
    7. Likely to bankrupt him before getting this far, but IF there is any gold left over Kargin will likely craft a few items:

    a. Craft Spell breakers [Quantity depends on gold left over]
    b. Craft 8 sets of Lens, and 8 sets of Amplifiers - ~180k
    b. 2 Rings of Mind Shielding
    c. Replenish used rods of cancellation from last adventure
    d. Movement boost items
    e. Teleportation items
    f. Psicrown [Traveler]
    g. Manual of Gainful Exercise, and Bodily Health [both are Rorek’s]
    h. Wand of the Unseen Crafter
    i. Wand of the Spirit of Victory
    j. Staff of the Artisan combined with Staff of Creation (modified to add Forge Fire spell)
    k. Staff of Many Rays
    l. Staff of Evocation or Power [might strike this, believe party found staff of magi, if Kargin gets the pick in the treasure divide then this can be dropped]
    m. Staff of Arcane Mastery (custom build of Kargins design) - 360k market price

    8.Lastly, Kargin will then begin workin on party requests, for needed magic items. Like the Slaad weapons.

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