December 11, 2019 - Downtime

  • DM

    After Dregnoth exploded the entire mountain the party returned to V`Ral for some downtime to see to spending their new found wealth. Kargin set about upgrading his forge wrights while the rest of the party threw money at him to get their gear made.

    Once the forge was running smooth, the normal town routine of spending most of the day in the bar was only interrupted by some random queries of the Obelisk about known Dwarven mountains on the planet.
    The party learned:

    • there are 6 on the Laputan continent
    • there are 7 on the Eastern continent
    • there are 2 on the islands.

    After a month or so, Varalla got tired of the complaints from the various citizenry about Dregnoth and sent the party off to kill something outside of the city.

    The party played with a Bluespawn Godslayer (MM4 pg 140) and its Burrowers (MM4 pg 138).

    Eventually killing everything they looted and headed back to V`Ral for more drinks.

    Each player was awarded 1,500XP each.

    DM Note: I was apparently supposed to generate a randomized treasure list. I will get to that over the weekend.

  • PC

    Dec 11th, 2019 - 1,500 XP per character

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