January 22, 2020 - Exploring Leminster

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    Exploring Leminster (1/22/2020)

    Notes from a Ghostly Cloaked Probabilistic Gnome’s account of the days activities while sipping on some mana wine:

    Dregnoth offers to lift the ‘Forsaken’s Gift’ to the far off kingdom of Leminster, on the opposite continent of the Manaverse.

    After much discussion, worrying, stress, and night terrors a plan is put in place to remove the crossbow. Reality bubbles, fate points, ohh my!

    Rorek, and Kargin shake their heads at this discussion, mumbling something about this being Alchemist business and not wanting anything to do with it…so they shlep off to the bar.

    After much reflection, Varalla shakes her magic manacite eight ball…‘it’s decidedly so’ … Dreg’s is to get the Crossbow. [The Ghostly Gnome rubs his head on the mathematical ramifications of outcomes that will occur by this action.]

    As Sorvani begins disabling the wards and enchantments cutting the room off from the rest of the city. Sorvani releases and opens the door, and Dregs enters the room grabbing the Crossbow, in a deadly and somewhat erotic avatar love embrace.

    [Ghostly Gnome winces, dry heaves in the corner, but can’t seem to look away from the train wreck… continuing to take notes]

    Obelisk wormholes the party across the sphere, removing the Crossbow from V’Ral. Destroying the top of the tower, bathing it in dead magic (for now).

    Arrival in Leminster: Large Sea Port Town, Kingdom large enough to have a main town, with several smaller towns. Including all the normal infrastructure. There is a King, and supporting court as part of Leminster.

    Wormholed in east side of town, near the Docks. A few blocks from the water, party can see the water from wormhole arrival. Along the Main Street.

    Strangely clean city, people look normal (mostly humanoid) from the gate to the docks, all the standard humanoid races (elf, half-elf, dwarf, human, halfling).

    Kargin notices everyone has magic here, Everyone glows. Kargin sees a lot of weak mana integrated into everything, even across common inhabitants. Low level magic is everywhere.

    Dregnoth try’s out the Ayla crossbow shooting 4 bolts into the water. The Ghostly Gnome looks confused by that action, but continues to log it, not being sure what the water did to deserve that.

    Even within the bar area, Kargin continues to spot low level manacite all thru the bar, in basic everyday devices, and integrated into peoples gear.

    Because of the interference of the astral plane is causing teleportation, and transportation magic challenges within this area. Pumping extra power into the transportation magic, ensures you don’t get grabbed by astral creatures in transportation attempts.

    We find some esoteric Dwarven brews, all good.

    Dregnoth continues to listen to rumors, specifically looking for Dragon sitings, or locations to gather more blood.

    The Kingdom is currently not at war.

    Kargin investigates the open market, and the elite shops in town and he only finds manacite of less than 1000 years old, but its everywhere. Nothing more than 5000 year old Manacite.

    Dregs investigates the temples, and the royal family. [Ghostly Gnome ponders if the King should hide his daughters]

    Kargin heads to the school of magic.

    Bar was near the docks (seedy bar)
    Good Market was to the Northeast
    Simple Market south central - close to docks (didn’t pay much attention to it)
    Straight up North there is a secondary wall and gate, and behind that is the castle - location of the royal family.

    To the north west, another gate leads out of the city, and into the country.

    Three main temples, we have heard about. One Temple is to the Southeast of the Market (God of Travel and Adventurers)

    [Ghostly Gnome sighs…Other two locations of temples the party has learned of but the DM did not share exact location in voice chat.]

    Party heads to the temple.

    Kargin, and Rorek leaves Dregnoth and the Slaad alone with the Guard as they make their way to the bar. Dregnoth orders the Slaad to eat the guard.

    Caesar swallowed a guard, and spit him back out…DM fading quickly… Gaurds are now on the defensive trying to assess what action to take next. The guard spit out is needless to say very angry. He doesn’t understand this is how they make friends.

    DM got quiet, no video, he may be dead or fallen asleep. Yup, he is back and fading…time to end the game. [Ghostly Gnome, fades off in the direction of the school of magic]

    January 22, 2020 - 1000 XP per character

  • DM

    @halfgiant said in January 22, 2020 - Leminster:

    DM got quiet, no video, he may be dead or fallen asleep.

    Really sorry about that. I felt fine at 7pm. I never saw 10pm.

  • PC

    no problem

  • PC

    I don’t recall anything from this adventure that would of netted XP, i think it was just largely exploration of the city. Anyone remember differently?

    I don’t think we fought anything, although Dregs and the Ceasar were about to pick a fight with the city…

  • PC

    you don’t remember trouncing that 12-pack of balors ?? or Dregs mixing up Abyssal Hotsauce for the locals ? can’t remember if we were giving it to the locals, sticking it to the locals, or cooking up the locals… i do believe beer was involved too, somehow

  • PC

    Thats right, completely forgot, 10,000XP sounds about right per character

  • DM

    Realizing he passed out, the DM awarded 1000xp each for the the evening at the next session…

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