March 18th 2020 – Incarceration @ Leminster

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    Incarceration @ Leminster

    The party continues its reign of chaos with its exploration of the “Other Countries” continent, specifically within the City of Stonehurst, in Kingdom of Leminster.

    Three Kingdoms -
    Kingdom of Leminster, Towns Name - Stonehurst
    Kingdom of Robrenn,
    Kingdom Maraindie

    Immeral starts out in the Bar with Kargin and Rorek. Dregnoth and Slaad continue off from last session back at the Guard Post at the inner city wall to the Temple.

    Guard says … “You cannot pass, go back to were ever you came from, get real credentials – go away this is your last warning”

    Dregnoth, Gruzzie, and Slaad do the Roshambo … calling the Guard as a Bluff.

    Guard calls out … “Lock it down” – Everyone make saves. Fortitude 45 – Elminster saves all around.

    Saving throw rolls:
    Caesar Crit Fails
    Gruzar – Nat 20, second roll (beat a 30) hits 28
    Dregnoth – roll of 11 failed save.

    Ceasar and Dregnoth find themselves individually encased in their very own private cell. Gruzar is stunned for four rounds. 10x10x10 cube cell.

    Kargin, Rorek, and Immeral are drinking a new round of sampler beers with pinkies out, blissfully unaware of imprisoned party members.

    Gruzar once out of stun, shimmers (kinetic control/energy control) and plans to hand out some ass whoopin to the gaurds (making friends). DM calls High or Low, Gruzar goes high and rolls 100. Gruzar kicks the guard in the ding ding as his first attack, swinging the flat of his shovel, not trying to kill anyone. Gruzar tears down their gate. And begins exploring the Temple like he owns the place, yelling “Bring me my Dregnoth!”. I kind of expect the temple patrons to find a nice unwelcome pile of ogre dung left in one of their planters…. But it wasn’t discussed.

    Kargin finally arrives on the scene, after hearing alarms blaring across the city, Rorek still working his way thru the variety of local beers wants to stay, but Kargin can almost guarantee those alarms were for Dregnoth and the Slaad. Managing to get Rorek and Immeral out the door with a road beer.
    Kargin begins negotiating with the guards to release Dregnoth and Ceasar, after reinflating the ogre crushing of guard nuts with a heal spell from his wand. The guard refuses to do so, Kargin reminds the guard that if the Ogre wanted to kill them, he would have done so, pointing to the destroyed gate. After much offerings of beer, healing his fellow guards, offering a bribe, the guards refuse to budge.

    Meanwhile back in Dregnoth’s cell, Dregnoth continues to twirl the Blue Dragon Winnie as if he were Magic Mike and blasting the hell out of the wall, slowly chipping his way thru.

    After going back and forth, Rorek can be seen losing patience, and the gaurds are dug in on their position that Dregnoth, and Ceasar must stay in prison. After much dickering, the gaurds reactivated their attack form upon everyone and send all to the anti-magic cells via forced arch-level teleports.

    Kargin, growing frustrated from his dead-magic cell, is able to generate a momentary flicker of magic, transporting himself back to the guard shack near the temple wall. Realizing the gaurds had force teleported themselves as well Kargin pulls out his Mirror of Mental Prowess and a Keg of Bloodweiser begins scrying for his party.

    Locating a long hall deep beneath the temple, Kargin surmises that this is the likely location of the prison cells as they probably branch off of the hallway. Kargin teleports to the location, examining the wall he needs Gruzar to help dig thru the stone. Sending a ping and a d-door Gruzar appears in the hallway, attempting to dig thru the stone Kargin and Gruzar quickly surmise the stone has been mixed with manacite resulting in stone that absorbs magic, rendering Gruzars shovel near ineffective.

    Kargin grumbles a bit more, and pulls out a gem (Bastion of Pure Magic), and hands it to Gruzar to activate generating a area of pure magic around Gruzar and his shovel render his shovel affective again against the stone. Quickly digging the party out of their cells after ~16 rounds.

    Party once again together, must decide to wage war upon the town, go back to the bar in this town, or venture forth to the other two kingdoms preaching of the evils behind the Kingdom of Leminster.

    They embarked towards the Kingdom of Roberenn

    March 21, 2020 - 1000 XP per character

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    The DM is still confused on why the party (Dregnoth) thinks the guard was at fault here.

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    bring rude to visiting ambassadors…
    dropping elminster-level efx on people for verbally challenging his bullshit 'tude…
    thanking a priest who healed his balls by dumping ANOTHER elminster-level attack on everybody and their brother…

    hopefully he gets fired or hanged for gross dereliction of duty !

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    And he …he … he touched me here … * sobbingly the Slaad points to the crotch area of the doll

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    @orc this may be every D&D game I have ever played

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    @halfgiant Oh it is … the comic nailed it

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