I have a 5e to 3.5e question

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    Re: 5e to 3.5 Conversion

    What about certain spells that are 5e. Is there a worked-out method for converting a 5e spell like say the cantrip “Firebolt” into a useable 3.5e spell? Cause a few spells I have seen that I like are 5e’s.

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    I leave that to the @daermadm to decide, but the .02cents from the cheap seats is the Firebolt spell does 1d10 in Tier 1, and scales to Tier 4 doing 4d10 as a cantrip - no saving throw, but you do have to hit. Aside from it being a cantrip and technically not costing any mana points what so ever the damage isn’t going to unbalance anything given the level of play we are at.

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