April 1st 2020 - Exploring Segovax

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    Daerma Game (4/1) – Exploring the Small City of Segovax in the Kingdom of Leminster.

    Deep within his shop a Gnome sits upon a high chair leaning upon his drafting table working on his latest project and begins to notice activity upon his White Star Lens, magically adjusting the coordinates the Gnome tunes into Segovax, and says … “Lets see what antics this party gets into today”. Grabbing his bifocals and a book upon his shelf, he proceeds to scribe the following events.

    … Lets see how should we start…yes i know.” The party misunderstood and wrongfully politically convicted without charges, having done nothing to deserve such treatment is forced to flee Leminster for the Kingdom of Roberenn to the Town of Segovax. This is their reign of chaos.

    Arriving in Segovax, the party heads to the nearest local dwarf bar, Kargin peels off from the party and begins investigating the city for its level of magic in this Kingdom. Rorek, Dregnoth and the rest of the party go on a bender at the local tavern. Kargin learns Segovax, is similar to Stonehurst in magical ability, all low level stuff.

    Segovax on the threshold of being a city in size, Kingdom to the right of Leminster. Magic Level similar to that of Leminster, generally all low power. Not the capital town to the Kingdom of Roberenn.

    More Dwarves than normal for a normal humanoid city. 25% Dwarf population, with the other 75% in a normal humanoid distribution.

    • 3 Dwarven Bars in Town, 2 Wizard Towers (~5000 year manacite age), and ~5000 population
    • Biggest Temple in Town – God of Merchants (unnamed - TBD)

    The Dregnoth drinking challenge ensues in the bar, about 30 min later Kargin shows up for a Tac and a Tug. Dwarves have made this town their ‘way point’ from their home Mountain, which is about a few days away. Caravans hit this town, with shipments of manacite.

    Dwarves are from the Mountain Kheg Moldur, approx. 4 day travel from Segovax. Party begins probing for Dragon siting’s, since there was no gossip on high level manacite. Dragons have been cited 4 days a way to the North.

    Wrap up the drinking competition and retire for the night. Spreading rumors of the evils behind Stonehurst. In the morning the party wonders around town, observing the behaviors of a way point city.

    Dregs walks into the Biggest Temple within Segovax, for the God of Merchants (still don’t know the name) having the swagger of a Blue Dragon Winnie. Dregs calls for an audience with the high priest. Dude (Alchemist) with Mind Flayer Hat, a Demon Frog, and a Battle O demand to speak with the High Priest (as if that is normal). High Priest shows hesitation, apprehension, and annoyance, but disappears into the back reemerging a few minutes later, conveying to the party the Bishop will be joining them shortly.

    Older human priest, speaks “What can I do for you?” Donation, and Negotiation? He is not the high priest. Dregnoth shows his disappointment because this priest is not the High Priest.

    Kargin negotiates with the Priest and makes initial contact for the Rolandites to follow-up with. Head Trader in the Merchant Temple to work future trade with – Wizard Shah Laheed

    The party heads to the Mountain Kheg Moldur. Road to the Mountain is made of Manacite. First night no molestation. The following morning, a day outside of town, we spot a ruined castle to the west. Dregnoth pops to the castle doing a fly over, while the party sits tight.

    Ruined Castle Name: Ironmore Bulwark

    Ruined Castle Intel From Flyover
    • Not recent, has been ruined for many years
    • Various strengths of magic glow around the Castle, nothing really worth noting
    • Abandoned Castle is crumbling but still stands, a battle obviously occurred here
    • No Creature Smells

    Dregs spots 2 destroyed Stone Golems fallen in battle. Kargin moves to investigate.

    After assessing both Broken Dead Stone Golems, Kargin determines they were made of lesser human construction, so Kargin bags both Manacite Stone Golems (5000 year old manacite). Second Golem, upon inspection, has a contingency that triggers. Kargin notices it was teleport magic triggered, and traces the teleport receiving coordinates from quite far away to the North thousands of miles away.

    Kargin continues to bag the second Manacite Stone Golem (5000 year old Manacite), and following that begins scrying the received coordinates. After scrying about the coordinates, deep within the desert, Kargin abandons the effort and returns to the Manacite/Stone Golems.

    Then 4 Manacite/Stone Golems attack!

    Initiative Happens.
    4 Gargantuan Stone Manacite Golems Attack
    Party destroys the Golems and Bags them.

    Party begins restoring the Ruined Castle to turn the space into a trading post, contacting V’Ral to bring in a few Rolandites, Dwarves, and Ogres….to establish and hold the trading post.

    Party Heads North after a week, returning the journey to Kheg Moldur.

    Kingdom Details can be found here.

    Each Character receives: 1500/XP

  • DM

    They are not manacite stone golems (of any size). They were simply stone golems.

    All magic items are made with manacite.

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