May 27th, 2020 – Trade Established with Kheg Moldur, nobody went to Jail and the Gnome lost a bet.

  • PC

    Exploring the Blackspine Mountain range, deep within a string of active volcanos called Hellfire Summit, Gorlen is analyzing the intersection of the manaethereal plane and the lava flow range were a strange form of manacite-like rock has formed when his party tracker, a white star crystal ball, begins detecting movement. Grumbling because he needs to pause his research, he floats over to a ledge deep within the volcano pulling out a chair, a keg of beer, and his journal as he begins scribing the adventures behind … tapping his fingers on his chair….”what do I call them?” mumbling… ‘Reign of Chaos’, ‘Tormented Legion’, ‘Fallen Domination’ … “I think I’ll go with “Dragonslayers” at least for this adventure.

    As the Adventure begins, the Dragonslayers wrap up a late evening with the robust coupling of a Magma Dragon by Dregnoth, the party awakens in the morning teleporting back to the road toward Kheg Moldur. The party approaches a Mountain at the very edge of the Mountain Range, that continues down and around the continent. Kheg Moldur is in the upper high lands, with a path that curves up the Mountain.

    After climbing the Mountain for an hour, we can see a 300’ sheer of the Mountain. That is a death trap, that can snipe any army trying to assail the Mountain. Spotting a huge pair of Mountainous Doors as the main entrance to the Dwarven Kingdom

    The Slaad with his ridiculous strength begins banging on the Mountain door, “Do you have a minute to talk about our God King and Savior Dregnoth?”

    Kargin and Rorek exchange glances …. “This is not going to go well”, but decide to sit back cracking open a keg to watch what can only be a series of funny yet unfortunate events that are about to unfold.

    After several scans and being determined that we aren’t lying the Mountain of Dwarves lets us in, meetings with the royals and nobles of the various clan houses within the Mountain…leading us deeper into the Mountain following a path for about an hour toward the core of the Mountain.

    The city within the Mountain is easily a mile and a half or so wide, before disappearing into deeper caverns. Main city cavern area is not heavily populated only housing about half the population the rest is in surrounding caverns, and lower levels. Our guides take us to an inn (The Rock Slide), to get us setup and relax before meeting with the Prince, and some of the nobles in the morning.

    The brewery presents a good variety, with some very strong quality beers, but nothing on level of Jamas. The party earns a little street cred with the Mountain residents, as we show them the head of the dead Red Dragon that had been terrorizing the area.

    This region is politically stable. Over the course of the night, the party learns this area has a stronger than usual connection to the manaethereal plane. The boundary in this region between the planes is a little weaker than the known areas (of the Dwarves) of the planet, causing the mana to flow thru in greater quantity creating veins of manacite.

    Kargin hears someone let slip that there are fields of manacite that do get quite old. The high end aged manacite field exists. Kargin plays drunk as they try to pull back the rumor. The night plays on and the characters moves to their room to sleep the night off.

    In the morning, Caldur returns to the Rock Slide Inn to meet the Party, as everyone settles in for Breakfast. Once ready Caldur will take us to the Royal Palace to meet the Prince to discuss trade.

    The Party Enters into the Royals Palace for Negotiation:

    Handful of Dwarves are in the Meeting Room, three of significant status.

    Prince Volkur
    [Third name I did catch]

    Dregnoth breaks the ice with “What do you know about the asshole kingdom of Laputans”, to set off the negotiations. They have traded with emissaries that have been known to work with Laputan. They learn of V’Ral, and our fight against Laputan.

    After hearing the impassioned speech and glossing over the Slaad admission of Dregnoth blowing up the Moutain, the discussion shifts to V’Ral and its arrival, and what they know of V’Ral.

    [Dregnoth claims to have obelisk seeds, and the DM denies, denies, denies this happened. And Dregnoth asserts they are pseudo obelisk seeds]

    Plan established to seed the outpost with an Obelisk to establish a reliable trade route.

    The T’s get crossed, and I’s get dotted, and Kargin scouts out the forging area, and the other minerals mined within the Mountain. Learning the Mountain only has a fire elemental forge, and not an Elemental Forge, Kargin ponders establishing a shop within this mountain, in the future.

    Onaga discovers a hot spot for Dragons in the region, and Dregnoth’s ‘Love Member’ is now recharged.

    Dregnoth plants a pseudo seed of the obelisk into the Rolandite outpost at the ruined castle. The negotiation is was completed successfully.

    The party begins scanning and reviewing 30 different dragons in the area, lengthy discussion around Purple Power Dragon. Party decides to start with a White Dragon (Yrax).

    Yrax – lies somewhere off to the East. Location found; party mass teleported to that location.

    1000 xp/per character for the evening.

    Deep at the bottom of the page of Gorlen’s Journal resides a foot note, about having lost a bet with Varalla on whether the DragonSlayers were going to complete cock up the initial meeting with the Dwarves of Kheg Moldur and the Daughters were going to have to try and smooth it over. The amount lost to Varalla was undisclosed in the footnote.

  • DM

    Ambassador Kalder met you at the gate and took you to the inn.

    Prince Volkur
    Duke Toraad
    Duke Gronmar