June 10, 2020 – The End of the Manaverse, Well Almost

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    June 10, 2020 – The End of the Manaverse, Well Almost

    Attendance: Cloud, Caeser, Dregnoth, Onaga, and Kargin

    Gorlen, is gleefully beside himself busily toiling amongst a newly found Abandoned Library of Athenaeum, located near Diamond Lake, west of an abandoned Dwarf Hold Barak Varr, near the Iron Rock peak, being careful in avoiding the strange cult that inhabits the area, worshipping a rather unusual Dracolich that now inhabits the hold ( making note to come back later to find out more about this creature). Having sent a ping to the Librarian and Sorvani for help collecting and indexing all the newfound knowledge for transport to the V’Ral Library. Within a few rounds the Librarian arrived and quickly went to work, 10 minutes passed, 20 minutes passed, and then 30 minutes passed…no Sorvani. Gorlen wondering where Sorvani is, because it’s very uncharacteristic of a Powermaster to pass on a newly found abandoned library. Concerned, Gorlen begins scrying his White Star Crystal Ball, but before Gorlen can get a lock on Sorvani his Crystal Ball pans to the party, flashing with a notification the party is on the move.

    Kargin mass teleports the party ~400 miles east of Kheg Modur onto a ledge with a White Dragon. Combat Begins. Fighters fight, Dregnoth achieves Blood Missile penetration, and Kargin almost disintegrates the Dragon before Dregnoth reminds him of Cold Bloodweiser, and to just let the warriors kill him.

    White Dragon was Age Category 8.

    Post battle Dregnoth collects up the remains, and Kargin begins scrying the Dragon’s Lair. After locating the Dragon’s Lair, Kargin tells the party to turn around, as the entrance was ~ 100’ behind them. The party ventures forth into the Dragon’s Lair. The Mountainous lair opens up into a Huge Cavern, the Cavern goes for about 1000’ ft, opening up into a tunnel going straight up, fly ~100’.

    While in flight, a secret entrance was discovered, our thief (actually a fighter with a 4 wisdom) a Blue Slaad named Ceasar, a being from the plane of Chaos, and High Priest of Dregnoth, tests the door by opening it. No traps or magic. The party follows thru the door, for about 20’ and then Kargin’s True Seeing lights up, with tons and tons of glyphs and runes covering the remained of the passage.

    Dregnoth exhibits serious performance issues, as Kargin asks him to Mordenkainen Disjunction the runes, touching a nerve sending Dregnoth into an unholy rant. Blah Blah Blah… I’m not an Ancient…. words words words, I’m a simple Alchemist … Kargin stop’s listening throws up a hand, grumbling something about sorry he asked.

    Shortly thereafter, Dregnoth begins suppressing the glyphs, and runes, as Gruzar digs them out, and Rorek throws them down into the vertical shaft they fly up thru. With each glyph/rune harvested and tossed the entire mountain shook after being triggered, this goes on 4-5 more times. Before the party gets pass the runes, moving thru a 40 x 40 room, and spiraling upwards until it ends in a magical wall.

    The party examines it, and Dregnoth orders his High Frog Ceasar to go knock the wall down with his crazy Blue Frog Hulk strength. Ceasar begins pounding on the wall, following his God Kings orders, and then with a flash (critical fail on the save, still a 75 DC) the Frog is removed from existence.

    So, after seeing the Frog disappear, Dregnoth is offended by this wall’s insolence, and we all remember the door at the Dwarven Mountain. Kargin confirms what he fears is about to happen, and sure enough Dregnoth begins constructing a chain of Antimagic Beholder eyeballs that he was going to fire at the wall like a daisy chained multi-wave length railgun at the wall. Kargin looks at Rorek and says time to go brother, teleporting 400 miles away back to near Kheg Moldur.

    Unfortunately, that wasn’t nearly far enough since little did, we understand that he was about to set off a manatomic explosion. So, this is when things went sideways, and the wall cracked and then went boom. Kargin and Rorek, back near Kheg Moldur begin scrying on the Mountain to see if they can see how things are progressing as Kargin begins to bring the Mountain into focus he sees the Mountain slowly fade from reality. And then, shortly after, as if almost the planet had been mortally wounded, lets loose a low rumbling groan, a sound that echoed across the planet (reminiscent of when V’Ral arrived). Kargin starts to look a little worried looking at Rorek… “I fear brother we may have not teleported far enough away”. And that is when we heard the voice around the Manaverse “Dammit Dregnoth !!!” followed by severally sternly placed and deserving exclamation points.

    After this it gets a little dodgy, only a few beings really remember what happened next, it can only be described as a ‘all in’ PowerMaster’s divine mega fate point, to stop the inevitable destruction of the planet/sphere. Realizing the planet was about to be destroyed Sorvani blew every power point he had and probably some that he didn’t to rewind Dregnoth’s actions. This is when reality changed, and time rolled back to the point of Ceasar pounding on the wall, but instead of being wiped from existence he was simply disintegrated.

    Sorvani collapsing to the ground, slipping into a deep manacoma, ultimately saving V’Ral, the planet, the sphere and probably a cascading explosion rippling across the manaethereal plane.

    Down toward the bottom of Gorlen’s journal, a note was made. “Good on you Powermaster, Good on you.”

    500 xp/per Character

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    You know what this means … their has got to be some old ass Manacite in this here Mountain… so that should ease the anger of the pointy eared turd a little bit… Now the gods that are coming may be another issue

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    Well, Kargin has been thinking about the Gods that will eventually come for us, he has some details to work out, but assuming this Universe deities come for us and not the ones that came thru from the Forgotten Mess, we may be able to trick them while they are in their emotional state.

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    worst case scenario being as how Caeser came from the Chaos inc group he just has to yell Args brothers name and boogaloo the fuck out… that is if he isnt still a Blue powder … or you know Daemon dust … in which case Dregnoth has his back

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    Sorvani packs on a few hundred extra lbs of spellpoints and bitches “Damned alchemist done tooted up all my blue demon powder, and i ain’t gotta stand for that !!”