Day XX-XX March 21, 2017

  • DM

    Party continued fighting the manathereal trolls in the ravine cave. finally defeating all of them.

    The party earned 3,600 XP each and the following treasure.

    Ravine Cave 1: Manathereal trolls
    Coins510 pp, 6000 gp, 19000 sp
        Alexandrite (300 gp)
        Alexandrite (400 gp)
        Amethyst (110 gp)
        Aquamarine (200 gp)
        Aquamarine (600 gp)
        Azurite (9 gp)
        Chalcedony (40 gp)
        Deep Blue Spinel (600 gp)
        Golden Yellow Topaz (400 gp)
        Golden Yellow Topaz (700 gp)
        Hematite (9 gp)
        Jasper (60 gp)
        Lapis Lazuli (14 gp)
        Malachite (11 gp)
        Rhodochrosite (6 gp)
        Silver Pearl (90 gp)
        Tourmaline (130 gp)
        White Pearl (110 gp)
    Total value = 3789 gp
    Magic Items
        Bag of Devouring (-)
        Potion of Spider Climb (300 gp)
    Psionic Items
        Cognizance Crystal (7 points) (16000 gp)
        Crawling Tattoo of Energy Bolt (750 gp) (Command thought is psionically imprinted)
        Gloves of Object Reading (3000 gp)
        Psionic Tattoo of Animal Affinity (300 gp)

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