Since questions have come up recently on the details of some things, I wanted to make things clear on how I run this campaign.

Any successful D&D campaign has to have background and a world with rules that do not change at random.

For many, many people this means that they buy modules and settings and run their campaign within those confines.

For others, the DM, with or without the players, will design a unique and detailed world that includes the history, mythos, factions, everything.

These are all 100% valid ways to run a campaign.

I enjoy both playing and running games in those styles.

But even more, I enjoy a collaborative world. I run my D&D game as a shared experience. I am simply here to facilitate all of us having a blast playing a game we like to play.

By collaborative, I mean I create a base framework and concept. Then I work with the players to create the details.

When I first turned up the idea for this shift of V`Ral from the Forgotten Mess to the Manaverse, I started by talked to @dwarf about random ideas I had and things I wanted to try. That coalesced, eventually, into the Manaverse and this initial planet that we are playing in.

From there I had a post a long time ago, probably a post on the Main WordPress site, that I offered rewards for everyone that posted lore and background for their characters or anything else they wanted.

This is what I mean. If you want some kind of lore or non-mechanic aspect of something added to the game, just post it. Most likely I will add it.

If it is a game mechanic, then that will be something that I reply to, and want the rest of you to apply to also, thus letting us work out the details of the mechanic and then implement it.

Specifically regarding the Laputan city information that @halfgiant was asking about, I have long known that there is a single huge floating capitol city and three large cities. But until he posted I had not thought about more details than that, beyond a rough note of “floating keeps”.

The other continent is not detailed at all, but I have a number of supplements and books set aside to be used to define things if nothing else is created.

To me, this is the most fun way to play. Not only do you, the players, get to have more say in the world that you are playing in, but the DM (me) also gets to be surprised and enjoy some of the unknown that the players do.