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    For Prosperity -

    Once upon a time, a long long time ago - an upstart magus, the world’s firstborn Managanger who’d stolen the secrets of powermastery from Daren, broke the laws of magic. taking a page from Arg’s gem magic, he recrystallized MAGIC ITSELF, building a variable matrix of effects into the item which could be called forth during casting by using up to 10 of the Spellbreakers as material components.

    Mystra and the other gods of magic swiftly stepped in to rebuke the disliked Managanger - but when they sat down to actually ANALYZE the spell point cost vs effect ratio built into the item, could find no flaw in how the Spellbreakers worked - even if each one did allow casters to bend the rules a tiny bit, individually. not wanting to stifle innovation and the evolution of magic, the gods reluctantly allowed Malathon to continue fashioning and disbursing the items all across the realms - teaching the secret of their relatively simple construction to his friends and allies.

    ((originally fashioned to mimic some of the abilities of powermasters, many of the spellbreaker’s functions were later included in 3rd edition’'s metamagic feats, oddly enough - lending further creedence to the conspiracy theory that TSR has vast numbers of apprentice mages watching various D&D games with crystal balls and wizard eyes aplenty))

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