Kargin Notes - Metals and Special Materials

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    [Origin: Dwarfverse]

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    [Origin: Dwarfverse]

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    [Origin: Dwarfverse]

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    @halfgiant said in Kargin Notes - Metals and Special Materials:



    [Origin: CloudVerse]

    thats dwarfverse too - cloudverse is Manacite 😉

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    [Origin: CloudVerse]

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    Adamantine: grants damage reduction based on armor category. DMG
    Arandur: grants sonic resistance. MoF
    Astral Driftmetal: effective against incorporeal attacks as if made of force, only a breastplate, shield, or heavy armor can be made from this material. PH
    Aurorum: restores itself if sundered. BoED
    Blended Quartz: reduces ASF. A&EG
    Blueice: reduces armor category, ACP, and ASF (for cold spells) and increases MDB. FB
    Bronze: 1 less AC bonus compared to normal steel armors. Dragon Magazine 319 p 40
    Bronzewood reduces weight, doesn’t affect hide in woodlands. A&EG
    Camoflauge Dye: grants a hide bonus (only with specific light armors). RoF
    Chitin: replaces metal, increases MDB. RotD
    Copper, Alchemical: grants cold resistance. MoF
    Cyrite (Arcane Steel): grants a +1 resistance bonus to saves. PGtE
    Darkleaf, Elven: reduces ASF, ACP, armor category and increases MDB. A&EG
    Darksteel: grants acid resistance. MoF
    Darkwood (Zalantar): reduces weight and ACP (shields only). DMG
    Dlarun: grants fire resistance. MoF
    Dragoncraft Armor/Shield: grants energy resistance 5 against the respective dragon as an extraordinary ability. Reduces armor category and ACP, only available for certain armor types. Draco
    Dragonhide: replaces metal to craft most armors. Immune to the breath weapon of the respective dragon species (armor only). DMG/Draco
    Dragonhide Mantle: grants energy resistance as dragoncraft armor, but uses the shoulder body slot. Draco
    Duskwood: breastplate only; reduces armor category, ASF and ACP, increases MDB. MoF
    Elukian Clay: increases ACP, does not apply ACP to swim. A&EG
    Entropium: increases armor category and Str ACP, reduces Dex ACP, ASF and increase MDB. A&EG
    Fever Iron: grants fire resistance. MoF
    Flametouched Iron: grants a saving throw bonus vs. evil outsider spells, SL and supernatural abilities. ECS
    Fluid Stone - Dragon Magazine 347 pg 51 - Armor grants a +2 on swim checks(other wise treated as steel), looks like glass but hardness of 10 and 5 hps per inch, evaporates immediatly if taken from the water
    Glassteel: reduces armor category, ACP and ASF, increases MDB, stronger and lighter than iron. RoF pg 158, updated (nerfed) in Champions of Valor on pg 65
    Gold, Alchemical: grants fire and acid resistance, increases armor category, ACP and ASF, decreases MDB. MoF
    Hizagkuur: deals bonus electricity damage. MoF updated on page 157 of Underdark adds bonus fire and electricity damage, considered silver and cold resistance for armors
    Kaorti: protects the wearer from the effects of the Material Plane The Kaorti Ubercyst see also FF Pg 110
    Leafweave, Elven: reduces ASF and ACP, increases MDB, cannot replace metal armors. A&EG
    Living Metal: reduces ACP and ASF, increases MDB. MoF
    Mindsteel: +4 vs mind influencing effects. +25% weight -2 ac, +1 armor check penalty. Dragon Magazine Annual 5
    Mithral: reduces armor category, ACP and ASF, raises MDB. DMG
    Mournlode, Purple: resistance bonus vs. the spells, SL and supernatural abilities of undead. MoE
    Platinum, Alchemical: grants cold and sonic resistance, increases armor category, ACP and ASF, decreases MDB. MoF
    Oerthblood: must be primarily metallic, grants DR and a luck bonus to saves vs magic, Dragon Magazine 351 pg 45
    Riverine: half the armor bonus becomes deflection (see misc. for more properties). SW
    Sentira: replicates mithral, required to craft emotional armor (emotional armor has some pretty decent bonuses. All three are published in the same book: Calming, Dreadful, and Vengeful). SoS
    Shadowsilk: can only be used to make certain light armors, grants a bonus to hide/move silently, increases MDB, reduces ACP and ASF (in shadows/darkness). ToM
    Starmetal: replicates adamantine. CAr
    Susalian Chainweave: grants damage reduction /piercing. CM
    Thistledown: used for padded armor, provides a bonus to hide checks in shadowy/dark areas. RotW
    Urdrukar(mindsteel): increases the DC vs. scrying on the wearer, doubles ASF. A&EG
    Wildwood: reduces the AC bonus, ACP and ASF, increases MDB and has no ACP when used to hide in undergrowth. Wildwood heals itself if soaked in water or while in sunlight. RotW
    Ysgardian Heartwire: increases AC vs. crit comfirms. A&EG

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    Blueice: weighs half as much as metal, maintains a freezing temperature. FB
    Bluewood: items weigh half, not effective for weapons. UE
    Cinnabryl: 20 hps per inch, hardness of 8, used to make special talismans. Dragon 315
    Colored Metal: makes anything your favorite color. RotD
    Crystal: replaces metal. EXH
    Darkwood (Zalantar): reduces the weight of wooden items by half. DMG
    Densewood: increases weight and the break DC of the item. ECS
    Dragonshard: grants special abilities, usually crafted to make wondrous items. ECS
    Dwarvencraft: increases an items hp, hardness, and break DC (this modifies a material, similar to a template). RoS
    Flametouched Iron: increases your effective level for turning. ECS
    Fyrite - Dragon Magazine 347 pg 48-9 - metal objects (including armor and weapons) are immune to all fire and heat, but take double damage from cold sources.
    Livewood: allows the item to be affected by most spells that affect living plants. ECS
    Mithral: reduces the weight of an item by half. DMG
    Moonblood: sacred bonus to AC. BoED
    Mournlode, Purple: damages undead when used as a holy symbol for turning. MoE
    Obdurium: Hardness 30, HP 60 per inch. SBG
    Pure Ore - Dragon Magazine 347 pg 47 - adds masterwork quality , double the hit points and double the hardness to metal objects
    Red Steel: costs less to enchant items 30 hps per inch, hardness of 15. Dragon 315
    Riverine: invulnerable to physical damage, susceptible to certain dispelling effects. SW
    Soarwood: increases the speed of a boat or ship. ECS
    Storm Tears: replicates the spell heart’s ease. BoED
    Targath: saving throw bonus vs. disease. ECS
    Vermeil: a red powder that causes The Red Curse and obscures magical auras. Dragon 315

    Blood Glass (Secrets of Xen’drik p. 147). Weapons deal +1 damage and are -10% weight, but are much more fragile: lower hardness and vulnerable to shatter.

    Chameleon Leather (Serpent Kingdoms p. 148). Similar to leather, but grants a +2 circumstance bonus to Hide checks.

    Chitine Web (FR Underdark p. 66). Similar to leather scale, but made out of spider-slobber. Decays unless you periodically add more spider-slobber.

    Coral (A&EG p. 15). Roughly equivalent to splint or banded mail, but cheaper than stone plate.

    Dendritic Crystal (A&EG p. 15/Races of Faerun p. 157). Crystal armor that grows on you… literally. In fact, the only way to take it off is to break out of it. Keep at least 5 pounds of it on you, and it grows back in 8 hours.

    Dhenuka Hide (Oriental Adventures p. 75). Made out of rhino skin. Better AC than hide armor (comparable to scale mail), but MaxDex and ACP are worse.

    Dreamhide (Secrets of Xen’drik p. 136). Made from the skin of dream serpents. Comparable to a chain shirt but has better MaxDex.

    Dwarven Stone (A&EG p. 17). Similar to heavy plate, but better ACP.

    Feather Cloak (Sandstorm p. 99). Similar to leather, but better in a hot environment.

    Firebrass (Secrets of Xen’drik p. 147). Same properties as mithral but looks way more badass.

    Mammoth Leather (Races of Stone p. 157). This would be much more badass than a chain shirt if it wasn’t Exotic.

    Mud (Races of Faerun p. 158). Its… uh… really cheap? We tried to optimize it in this thread.

    Nightscale (FR Underdark p. 66). Same armor bonus as leather but with a MaxDex bonus on steroids.

    Scorpion Breastplate (Races of Eberron p. 171/Secrets of Xen’drik p. 136). Another member of the “chitin” family, this one comparable to scale mail.

    Siege Beetle Chitin (MMV p. 153). Most obscure member of the “chitin” family, similar to scale mail but has better MaxDex, ACP, and weight. Even better, non-magical resistance to electricity/sonic 5.

    Serpentscale Mail (Serpent Kingdoms p. 148). Slightly better (higher MaxDex) than typical scale mail.

    Shapesand (Sandstorm p. 102). You can use several jugs of this to shape heavy plate or mechanus gear.

    Sharkskin (Races of Faerun p. 158/Stormwrack p. 106). More badass version of studded leather.

    Spidersilk (FR Underdark p. 66). One of the best replacements for studded leather. It’s exotic, but if you make it masterwork, the ACP is 0, and thus no penalty for non-proficiency.

    Stonemail (FR Underdark p. 66). Similar to chainmail but requires Heavy Armor Proficiency, even though it weighs less than chainmail.

    Stone Plate (Races of Stone p. 158). Roughly equivalent to banded mail… but still weighs less than chainmail. WTF?

    Tentacled Hide (FR Underdark p. 67). What… I don’t even… how would you not trip over… uh… skip this one.

    Thaalud Stone Armor (Anauroch: The Empire of Shade p. 108). Highest armor bonus in print (+12). Made out of a rare stone that is resistant to chips/fractures, and held together with metal rivets, although the description doesn’t say what kind of metal.

    Thunderhide (Serpent Kingdoms p. 148). If only this armor was as good as its name… but not as good as leather scale or sharkskin.

    Vine (Secrets of Xen’drik p. 136). Similar to chameleon leather, grants a +2 circumstance bonus to hide, but only in a jungle environment, and you need to water it or it withers away.

    War Chitin (Secrets of Xen’drik p. 136). Heavier upgrade to the scorpion breastplate, same armor bonus as dragonhide/chitin half-plate but better MaxDex and ACP.

    Wicker (A&EG p. 17). A more expensive version of mud, but gives you a +5 circumstance bonus on Hide checks while inside a Pier One Imports store.

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    Abyssal Bloodiron: replicates cold iron, bonus to confirm crits. PH
    Adamantine: bypasses /adamantine damage reduction, ignores hardness 20 and below when used to sunder items. DMG
    Aurorum: restores itself if sundered. BoED
    Baatorian Green Steel: enhancement bonus to damage. A&EG
    Blueice: Slashing weapons deal bonus damage. FB
    Blood Obsidian: +1 natural enhancement bonus on damage, hardness 12 and 30 hp per inch of thickness. Dragon Magazine 319 p 39
    Bone: -2 attack and damage (minimum damage 1) hardness of 6 10 hps per inch, and weighs half as much Dragon Magazine 319 p 39
    Bronze: -1 attack and damage, hardness of 9 and 20 hp per inch. Dragon Magazine 319 p 40
    Bronzewood: reduces weight. A&EG
    Byeshk: deals bonus damage with bludgeoning weapons, bypasses the damage reduction of daelkyr. ECS
    Calomal: overcomes the damage reduction of creatures with the fire subtype. MoE
    Copper-Adamantite alloy: d8 d10 d12 damage +1 damage Dragon Magazine Annual 5
    Crystal, Deep: deals bonus damage by channeling power points. EXH
    Cyrite (Arcane Steel): bypasses /magic damage reduction PGtE
    Darksteel: deals bonus electricity damage. MoF
    Dlarun: deals bonus frost damage. MoF
    Dragonbone Bow: increases the range by 20’ and makes the bow composite. Draco
    Dragonfang: grants an enhancement bonus to attacks and energy damage of the respective dragon as an extraordinary ability. Draco
    Duskwood: steel weapons weigh half as much. MoF
    Fever Iron: deals bonus fire damage. MoF
    Flametouched Iron: weapon is considered good-aligned. ECS
    Frystalline: weapon is considered good-aligned. BoED
    Gehennan Moghuth-Iron: penalty to attack and damage, but naturally poisonous. A&EG
    Glassteel: makes hidden weapons harder to spot. Stronger and lighter than iron. RoF pg 158, updated (nerfed) in Champions of Valor on pg 65
    Gold, Alchemical: increases the damage dice of a weapon.* MoF
    Hizagkuur: deals bonus electricity damage. MoF updated on page 157 of Underdark adds bonus fire and electricity damage, considered silver and adds cold resistance for armor
    Iron, Cold: bypasses /cold iron damage reduction. DMG
    Kaorti: critical becomes X4 when used for slashing or piercing weapons and makes it an Exotic Weapon. It has no effect when used for other items. The Kaorti Ubercyst see also FF Pg 110
    Kheferu: bypasses the damage reduction of creatures with the earth subtype. SS
    Lenaer wood: -25% weight, +10’ range increment. Dragon Magazine Annual 5
    Mournlode, Purple: overcomes undead damage reduction as silver or cold iron. MoE
    Nephelium: a ferrous metal identical to iron(same stats) except its transparent. Purposely adding mineral impurities to can produce shades of sapphire, emerald, ruby. Sunless Citadel p.32.
    Oerthblood: must be primarily metallic, +1 luck bonus on att and dmg, and applies a penalty if hit, Dragon Magazine 351 pg 45
    Pandemonic Silver:replicates silver, creates a 30 ft. aura of fear when unsheathed in windy conditions. CW
    Pearlsteel: reduces the penalties of using a weapon underwater. SW
    Platinum, Alchemical: increases the damage dice of a weapon.* MoF
    Riedran Crysteel: deals bonus damage to psionic creatures. ECS
    Rimefire Ice: deals bonus cold damage. FB
    Silver, Alchemical: bypasses /silver damage reduction, reduces weapon damage. DMG
    Serren: adds the ghost touched property. BoED
    Slug crystal: -25% weight, but very brittle. Dragon Magazine Annual 5
    Solarian Truesteel: bonus to confirm crits. BoED
    Starmetal: replicates adamantine, but deals extra damage to extraplanar creatures. CAr
    Stone: -2 attack and damage, hardness of 8 and 15 hos per inch. Dragon Magazine 319 p 40
    Stygian Ice: chance to break when dealing damage, deals bonus cold damage and chance to deal WIS damage on hit. FB
    Targath: overcomes the damage reduction of Aerenal deathless, reduces attack and damage. ECS
    Thinaun: absorbs the souls of those who die while touching the weapon, and prevents their resurrection unless the caster has the weapon at hand. CW
    Vakar metal: +2d6 damage vs. elves. Dragon Magazine Annual 5
    Wood: club, quarterstaff, sap, great club and all bows and crossbows suffer no penalty, other bludgeoning weapons suffer -3 attack and damage (minimum 1 damage) 5 hardness and 10 hps per inch. Dragon Magazine 319 p 40

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    Amaratha: increases CL for energy resist spells
    Beljuril: electricity descriptors
    Black Opal: force descriptors
    Black Sapphire: darkness descriptors
    Diamond: increases CL for healing spells
    Emerald: enchantments
    Fire Opal: fire descriptors
    Jacinth: fire descriptors
    Jasmal: increases CL for spells that provide enhancements to armaments
    King’s Tear: divinations
    Moonbar: conjuration (calling) spells
    Opal: enchantment (charm) spells
    Orblen: conjuration (creation) spells
    Orl: chaotic descriptors and spells that provide luck bonuses
    Ravenar: sonic descriptor
    Red Tear: transmutation
    Rogue Stone: teleportation and chaotic
    Ruby: evocation
    Sapphire: conjuraton (summoning)
    Star Ruby: illusion
    Star Sapphire: abjuration
    Tomb Jade: enchantment (compulsion)
    Water Opal: divination
    Zendalure: necromancy

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    Armor: reduces weight and ASF, grants a bonus to bluff checks.
    Weapon: reduces weight and size category.

    Armor: bonus to saves vs. fire and heat effects.
    Weapon: deals bonus damage to creatures with the cold subtype.

    Armor: reduces ASF, grants a bonus to concentration checks.
    Weapon: deals bonus damage to psionic creatures.

    Armor: bonus to AC when charging.
    Weapon: bonus to damage when charging.

    Armor: increases ACP and ASF, reduces MDB, grants bonus AC while adjacent to an ally.
    Weapon: deals bonus damage to targets that are flanked.

    Armor: deals damage to melee attackers.
    Weapon: bonus to confirm crits.

    Armor: bonus to resist bullrushes or trip attempts.
    Weapon: bonus damage against a charging foe.

    All templates are published in Dungeon Master’s Guide II (DMG II), except:

    Dwarvencraft: increases an items hp, hardness, and break DC (this modifies a material, similar to a template). RoS

    Templates from Dragon Magazine #358

    Acid Washed: bonus against acid, rust or distintegration
    Basket Hilt: bonus against disarm attempts
    Caster Armor: reduces ASF
    Enhanced Bracing: Bonus to damage when set against a charge
    Enviromentally Designed: Bonus to saving throws against harsh enviromental conditions(hot or cold)
    Folded Metal: Bonus to hardness
    Lightweight: makes armor lighter
    Long-Range: increases range increment of bows and crossbows
    Ornate: bonus to diplomancy or intimidate
    Perfect Balance: bonus to AC when taking the total defense action, melee weapon only
    Razor Sharp: extra damage on a bladed slashing weapon
    Reinforced: increased armor bonus and weight
    Resilient: extra hit points to the item
    Segmented: increases MDB
    Serrated: extra damage on a successful critical hit
    Vital Coverage: bonus to AC when opponent is confirming a critical

    Dragon Magazine Annual 5
    “Breakaway” weapons: reduces carrying size; threat on natural 20 only
    Quicksilver/iron-filled: +2 damage maces, morningstars, hammers +2 damage, +1 damage for most other types

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