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    @halfgiant said in Old Characters Renewed:

    one such character i was thinking about is Flint a really old character, Paladin class w/ a straight up old school Holy Sword

    For this, I was looking at the Paladin class ability list and thinking to expand them into the 10e fighter. I was also think to remove casting completely from the class and replace it with some more effects from the bound spirits.

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    I was pondering that, some things diablo explored that i thought were interesting regarding paladins, is auras defensive or offensive, and shield abilities ( at least worth while ones, that are not lame). If i remember correctly a Paladin in Diablo eventually could wield two handed weapons in one hand while wielding a shield.

    We could expand the 10e version from the better aspects across the many sources.

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    The only version of Diablerie I have is not OCR šŸ˜ž

    So Iā€™m going to shorthand some basics for discussion.

    It seems that most of the D2 Paladin was aura based. everything worked within XX feet.

    Group Name CHA check Short Description Prerequisite
    1 Might Yes +2 Strength 10ā€™
    1 Prayer Yes Heal 2HP 5ā€™
    1 Resist Fire Yes DR5 Fire 10ā€™
    1 Sacrifice use 2HP for 1d8 damage
    1 Smite Shield as weapon for 1d6
    2 Defiance Yes +2AC 10ā€™
    2 Holy Bolt Yes shoot bolt 30ā€™ to hurt undead heal living
    2 Holy Fire Yes Fire nearest target in 15ā€™ for 2d6 Might
    2 Resist Cold Yes DR5 Cold 10ā€™
    2 Thorns Yes DS2/1 within 10ā€™
    3 Blessed Aim Yes +2 ATK 10ā€™
    3 Cleansing Yes +2 Poison 10ā€™ & Cure Poison
    3 Resist Lightning Yes DR5 Lightning 10ā€™
    3 Righteous Charge Smite + standard Charge benefit/penalty Smite
    3 Zeal Full attack on all in 5ā€™ cumultative -2 ATK penalty Sacrifice
    4 Blessed Hammer Yes Spirit Hammer all in 30ā€™ for 1d8 +1/5lvl Blessed Aim
    4 Concentrate Attack +2 ATK vs single create Blessed Aim
    4 Holy Freeze Yes Half movespeed 30ā€™ Holy Fire
    4 Vengeance Yes Single attack and add 2d6 cold and fire and elect Zeal
    4 Vigor Yes Add 10ā€™ movement all in 20ā€™ Defiance, Cleansing
    5 Conversion Yes Force Demon/Undead to LG Vengeance
    5 Holy Shield Yes Shield gain double bonus and damage Blessed Hammer, Charge
    5 Holy Shock Yes Lightning nearest target in 15ā€™ for 4d6 Holy Freeze
    5 Meditation All in 5ā€™ recover ability up to 4th level Cleansing
    5 Sanctuary Yes Undead in 15ā€™ flee Holy Freeze, Thorns
    6 Conviction Yes -2AC & -20% saves in 30ā€™ Sanctuary
    6 Fanaticism Yes All allies in 5ā€™ get your ATK at -4 Concentrate Attack
    6 Fist of the Heavens Yes Lightning Bolt (spell) + Holy Bolt (above) Blessed Hammer, Conversion
    6 Redemption Yes Heal 1d8 per HD of slain undead/demonic withing 5ā€™ Vigor
    6 Salvation Yes DR5 Fire/Cold/Elec in 5ā€™ Stamina

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    Ok, most of that is pretty much shit when compared to the 10e fighter table, but the gems of ideas are all there to be reworked.

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