October 30, 2019 - Rakshasa lich

  • DM

    Continuing down the hall past the room with the pudding. Kargin had Rorek open the first in the hall. Inside they saw another Necronaut. It did not seem to react to the door opening, so the party closed the door again.

    The next door i the hall way opened into a room ull of bones. Dregnoth estimated a few hundred swarven skeletons were collected int he room.

    In the back of the room was a small heap of bones that seemed to glow with enchantments.

    Kargin sent in Rorek to check it out. Rorek did what a good dwarven fighter would do. he attempted to smash it. Unfortunately for him, some type of force barrier spang into place and the bones were undamaged.

    At this point the pile pulled itself together to reveal a skeletal being that Dregnoth identified as a Rakshasa.

    As the turn progressed, the party dispelled the barrier and then proceeded to turn the undead being into a pile of bone bits. Rorek atempted to finished it off after the rest of the party beat it down a bit, but his final strike seemed to hit nothing as the Rakshasa seemed to melt into the floor.

    It reappeared in the corner of the room a moment later. This time Dregnoth gave it a closer look, then blurted out, “I don’t have any lich parts yet.” He then attempted to dispel the magics on the lich, but some type of contingency kicked in an whisked it away. The party stood patiently by while Dregnoth collected bones. Hoping the lich would return to the room.

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