• DM

    After another couple of weeks suffering through complaints of Dregnoth abusing the townsfolk, Varalla told Nedok to take his latest problem to the party in order to get them out of town again.

    The wemic High Priest of Torm told the party that a very large black dragon had razed a new temple to Torm that was being constructed in the wemic village of Answith to the south.

    The party inspected the battle site with Immeral finding a dragon scale on the ground that Kargin used to scry the dragon’s location.

    They teleported in and began to investigate. when the dragon attempted a fly by attack Rorek promptly split it in half with his axe causing the dragons protection to teleport it away.

    Continuing into the lair, the party suddenly finds the air in the entire place turned to water. After seeing that it gave the party no real problem the dragon cause it to change into acid.

    Whlie the party was adjusting to that, the dragon began its attacks.

    The party eventually dispatched the dragon earning 1028 XP each.