another OSR company gets killed by woketards...

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    apparently the Judges Guild owners posted a couple of lightly-racist memes that got all the SJWs panties in a bunch and prompted Goodman Games and several other companies to cut all ties.

    i shudder to think of the crap going on at game tables nowadays. read this happy horseshit for just one example :

    "…sounded like a way to prioritize “keeping the game moving” rather than “attending to the needs of the person who’s been triggered.”

    PUKE. 😠 gaming is about a LOT of things, but making some butthurt crybaby feel better about themselves and their life choices isn’t one of ‘em !! any DM who panders to that nonsense should have his dicebag revoked and his DMG burned… jus’ sayin

    s’one of the reasons why i’m kinda glad i quit going to Cons… prolly bury my axe in someone’s head after getting yelled at for making fun of elves. too many liberals stinking up the tables, apparently !

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    " it’s possible the game will go in a direction people don’t want." jumping Jesus Christ … Life go’s in directions we don’t want, suck it up butter cups … Its fucking time we stop allowing this coddling to go on and start pushing back.

    From this day forward I will make one snowflake cry at least once a week ( also I probably wont be on Facebook much due to constantly being thrown in Facebook jail due to making snowflakes cry )

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    “What do you mean i can’t play my Ponyfinder Bard ?? He’s got a FIFTEEN charisma, you racist !!!”


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    now ORCS are racist !!! yes, that’s right - Tolkien was attacking non-white people when he wrote about orcs !!!

    eye roll… can we just start setting these snowflake fucks on fire already ?? this country SOOOO needs a Purge

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