• DM

    Having successfully defended the Manacite caravan, the party returned to the capital and were reward well.

    Dregnoth broke out the writ from the dwarven casters telling the kingdom court wizard to spill the beans on the locations of known spheres of annihilation. Two are in Laputan control, one of which is rumored to be part of the power source for their Laputan capital. The second is said to belong to the Laputan wizard’s guild.
    A third was known to have been around the isles approximately 1000 years ago. No one knows its location now.
    The fourth is rumored to belong to an arch wizard somewhere on the Eastern continent.

    After consulting with V`Ral, Rose decided to send an official ambassador to begin negotiations. While waiting for hte ambassador to arrive, the party searched for a location to build a temple to Roland.

    The ambassador, a Rolandite, arrived the next day along with a guard squad of 4 dwarves and 2 battle ogres. The party then took their leave of the islands by means of asking the obelisk to arrange a teleport.

    Once back in V`Ral, the party debriefed to Sorvani, Rose and all the casting guilds. Letting everyone know what has been learned about Manacite and the Laputans.

    After of week of this, the party was visibly read to get out and the locals were more than ready for Dregnoth to move on. A messenger arrived asking that they leave for the NW patrol route where mysterious glowing horses have been reported.

    The party teleported with the obelisk to the last known location and were confronted by a pair of Nightmares.

    After defeating these, the party camped for the night. 2000xp per player was awarded.